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What's different about Radicool UV Clothing and Hats?

Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. That’s why we’re on a mission to educate families and kids on sun safety, and provide them with the best quality UV protective gear on the planet. With an SPF/UPF 100+ rating for almost all our swimwear and hats, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better sun protection elsewhere.

Advanced UV protective fabric

The secret lies in our uniquely woven fabric that offers unrivalled SPF/UPF 100+ protection. This tighter weave can block out almost 99% of UV radiation. Just hold up a Radicool item and see how much (or little) sunshine penetrates the fabric. Unlike ordinary neoprene or lycra, the protection level remains even when your clothes are wet. Don’t settle for anything less.

UPF 100+ sun protection swimwear

UPF means Ultraviolet Protection Factor and it measures how much UV radiation can penetrate a fabric. Our UPF rating of 100+ is the highest in the market, which means less than 1/100 (or 1%) of UV radiation can get through the fabric and damage your skin.

High quality, high protection

Overlocked seams sewn at 18 stitches per inch enables your swimwear to maintain their shape wash after wash. More importantly, it means that your Radicool swimshirt, rashie, shorts or hat can remain effective in protecting you from the sun. Our UV protective clothes are made to last, and can withstand the sun, sea, sand or whatever life throws at you.

Raising the bar in sun safety

Radicool has been making sun protective clothing for over 25 years so we know what we’re talking about. For us, it’s not really sun safe unless it gives you a sun protection factor of over 100. That’s our benchmark for sun safety.

Keep a cool head

Stay protected from the sun with our lightweight SPF/UVF 50+ hats for infant, toddler, men and women. It’s all in the details, like our secret mesh pockets to make the hats more breathable, and our slightly longer flaps to give you that added bit of protection.

Designed in Australia

Proudly Australian, we’ve been making UV protection hats and swimsuits since 1992. We know the harsh Aussie sun and if it gets too hot, we say stay in. But we also know there’s often too much fun to be had outside, so the next best thing you can do is stay Radicool.

Stylish design

UV protection clothing used to be well, rather unattractive. But not anymore! Who says sun safe clothing can’t look good? Check out our latest range of UV protective swimwear for children, men and women, hats, caps, visors, stinger suits and shorts.

Easy wash and wear

All of our UV protection clothes and hats can be machine-washed. Our swimwear is made of top-notch Nylon Lycra. Our hats are made of advanced microfibre - lightweight yet durable. Even our SPF 50+ visors can be tossed into the machine without losing their shape – or their sun protective qualities. It’s high quality that lasts and lasts.


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