The eighties visor has been sneaking into our fashion corridors and is no longer the accessory of middle-aged tourists alone. When it comes to ladies hats, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Rihanna have been sporting visors and looking pretty awesome in it.

If you think about it, visors – especially those made of fabric – provide incredible protection from the sun, and they’re also rather stylish, letting you show off your locks to the best effect.

Visors can be worn in a variety of places – for sports or leisure, or even to run errands. Here are 4 ways to wear a visor, and how to look your best in it.

Golf visors

A golf visor is a classic accessory in golf headwear. The Radicool adjustable visor in black is our bestselling visor for golfers. Its adjustable straps allow you to make sure the visor fits perfectly around your head. While the wide brim shields your eyes from the glare. Wear your hair in a high pony tail or bun for an instantly sporty look that will match your game.

Note, golf visors suit women with short hairstyles as well, and can actually keep your hair in place if you have a bob.

Tennis visors

Tennis stars such as Naomi Osaka and Maria Sharapova have made visors fashionable on the tennis court. Our pick for a good tennis visor is the Radicool adjustable visor in white.

The adjustable straps keep the visor firmly on your head even when you’re making a hard serve. Pair it with a white tennis dress and shoes for a classic Wimbledon look.

The hairstyle rule of thumb for sports visors is to have your hair up high. Think a high pony tail ala Sharapova or a high plaited braid. Some tennis players even sport a high bun for an even cleaner look.

Travel visors

Going on holiday? Don’t forget to pack a travel visor. This nifty headgear is a god-send when you’re sightseeing in the sun. They are also extremely versatile.

If you’re lounging by the pool, you can wear it like a headband with your hair down; or tie your hair in a low chignon for a more casual look.

Radicool visors are available in black or white, or uber-cool Australian botanical designs such as Lyrebird, Flamingo and Blue Floral. With arms that are specially designed to not dig into the sides of your head, they are known to be the most comfortable visors in the market.

Fashion visors

Believe it or not, visors are not just for sports and travel. A visor can be a stylish accessory for just about any outfit. Go for a plain black visor with an all-black outfit for chic style.

Or go for a fun design to make a fashion statement.

A visor can really be worn anywhere you go. Pop on a visor next time you take your dog out for a walk, or go to a café to meet friends. Visors add an interesting touch to any outfit. And when it’s a Radicool visor you can also be sure of maximum sun protection.

Radicool visors are big on comfort and some of them are even machine washable too.

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